Our Heart Needs A Good Night Sleep

Good health is very important for every person to live longer and to be effective in the workplace. In this health article, we will discuss the importance of sleeping habit in our heart. The minimum sleep that everyone needs to have is at least six hours each night for us to stay healthy.

The research found that lack of sleep and poor sleep raise the odds of fatty plaque accumulations in articles. Atherosclerosis a condition knew that increase the odds of heart attack and stroke for lack of sleep. Though there are a lot of ways to fight for heart disease, this includes medicine, physical activity, and diet. The head of research said that we need to include sleep as the weapon we use to fight heart disease. Which, we mostly have a big factor that we compromise every day. Though, there is no proven cause and effect of lack of sleep to heart disease. However, those people who slept less than six hours a night were 27 percent more likely to have body-wide atherosclerosis. Then those people who slept seven to eight hours a night.

There still no clear study result on the direct cause-and-effect relationship between sleep and heart health. Though the target of one’s sleep habits finally recognize in the medical world as an important factor to improve heart conditions. A doctor reasons out that behavior in a person’s waking hours may explain the sleep and heart connection. Because the person with good sleep hygiene has the energy to be physically active. As well as make healthy food choices and handle the stress better. Though there still no clear findings on the health information between sleep and heart health. It is important to keep yourself healthy away from bad habits junk foods and bad physical habits. Therefore, we need to have discipline in our daily routine and habits.

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